Furry Tails & Feathers

Pet sitting for all your furry and feathered family

Furry Tails and feathers is more than just a pet sitting company, we truly have a passion for pets.  The bigger a company gets the harder it is to manage all employees and provide personalized care.  Unlike most companies our team managers will be not only be providing pet care services but will also do daily checks with all pet sitters.  We provide you with GPS tracking along with detailed information regarding your pet sitter.  Pet owners will be able to feel secure their pets are taken care of by checking in with the owners and sending updates during the visit. 

We will ensure each pet care provider is as passionate as the owners.  

CURRENTLY CLOSED TO NEW CLIENTS! Sorry we are a small team and at max capacity!  

Effective 10/19/18 we will no longer be offering mid day walking services during the week.